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Influencer Marketing

Activate authentic influencers from micro to macro levels to reach loyal audience.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer is also known as KOL, as in Key Opinion Leader. According to Forbes, an influencer has the power to influence the perception of others to do something different. Hence in influencer marketing, influencers have a combination of three key factors: reach, contextual credibility and salesmanship.

Influencer marketing, however, is not celebrity endorsements. An actor or athlete gets paid to promote a product. Since the consumers know about it, the effectiveness is limited. That said, some influencers do accept payment to endorse products. But these kind of influencers are not difficult to identify. Similarly, it is hard to maximise their impact.

The best influencer marketing should not be about money. A good social media agency knows that the influencers need something more than financial return: the influence. KOLs need the latest scoop in their niche to boost their own brand. We can plan a win-win strategy on this basis.

With more than a thousand influencer activations, we have cultivated an extensive database of KOLs. They come in three levels: micro, medium and macro. The database is the result of careful screening for creativity, engagement rate, and most importantly, relevance to different needs.

How does our process of influencer marketing service work?

Step 1: Activation

First, we understand your brand story, and the message you want to convey. Then we plan a win-win strategy by using your ready assets, to activate influencers without additional financial costs.

Step 2: Identification

We have convenient access to screen social media influencers in Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore and China in particular with an internal influencer search engine. We manually look into every one of them to make sure they are relevant to your brand before finalising the list.

Step 3: Management

Our influencer marketing team facilitates the entire journey for you. This includes active communication and end-to-end support to maximise the impact of influencers. We also consider encouraging and respecting the influencers’ creativity important to achieve better results.

Step 4: Measurement

We will compile an influencer marketing campaign report for you as an easy understanding on the results. The reporting process starts from objective definition to performance tracking, and finally ROI (return on investment) measurement.

By the way, our wildcard is micro-influencer marketing.

Different from mass media, social media influencer is perfect for a niche market. Followers tend to have more trust in micro-influencers than the macro-level ones. While they are easier to work with, they also have a significantly higher engagement rate. Therefore brands can harvest a strong result with the minimum cost.

We keep updating our insights on influencer marketing. Find out what you should refresh.

We now also partner with Meltwater to leverage their unique social influencer tool to identify, activate, manage and monitor KOLs.